The following donations in support of the creel survey  that MDNR pulled ahead by a few years are listed below:

  • HLPS                                   $2,500
  • Fin &Feather Club               $3,000 
  • Hamlin Township                 $2,000

Basically we had more effort in 2019 (16,000+ angler hours vs. 11,000+ in 2009).  Far more fish were caught, released, and kept in 2019 vs. 2009.

If anyone wants to compare with the previous survey, see page 6 in this report:  Second paragraph up from the bottom

Winter Creel Survey Report for Hamlin Lake, Mason County, 2019

Waterbody Hamlin Lake
Year 2019
County Mason County
Sites hamlin lake
Survey period January 1 to March 23
Survey design Roving (instantaneous)-roving
Count methods/modes Roving (instantaneous)/open ice and shanty
Clerk time full time (10-hour shifts)
Survey purpose Characterize general effort and catch aspects of the fishery


This survey followed a roving (instantaneous)-roving design. Funding was provided by the Federal Aid to Sport Fish Restoration Project F-81, Study 230499. One clerk worked full time to collect angling survey data. Two week days and two weekend days were randomly selected for sampling during each week of the survey season. No holidays were sampled. Clerks followed a randomized count and interview schedule. One of two 10-hour shifts was selected each sample day. The entire water body was sampled each day. Starting location and direction of travel were randomized for both counting and interviewing. Roving (instantaneous) counts of open ice and shanty anglers were made once per day. Survey period for both counts and interviews was January 1 to March 23. Months were estimated separately. Estimates are available for open ice and shanty. “NAN” in a table means there was not enough information to make a calculation.

Table 1.–Daylight hours used to estimate catch and effort each month of Hamlin Lake winter creel survey from January 1 to March 23, 2019.



Daylight Hours