Alison Cope Puffer, 89, passed away on Memorial Day, peacefully at home, with her hospital bed positioned in the living room so she could see her beloved Hamlin Lake. She had a stroke May 12, spent a week in the hospital and came home on hospice care, finally succumbing to complications from the stroke and Parkinson’s disease.

Daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, friend, and adventure seeker were only a few of the roles she played. Alison’s family and friends enjoyed her cooking, were proud of her commitment to teaching kindergarten, and appreciated her organizing skills as she planned wonderful trips for husband Dick and family to Mexico, Florida, Thailand, Egypt and New Zealand. Sailing on Hamlin was not her only love as she and Dick also sailed the Virgin Islands. Though the waters on Hamlin were appealing, Alison also dipped her toes, body and scuba gear in the waters of Cozumel, Bonaire, Hawaii, the Grand Caymans and Belize!

In the 80’s the Puffers “retired” to Ludington and spent summers around Indian Pete Bayou; a cherished and spiritual place for the family since 1914 when Alison’s grandfather, Winslow Foster purchased a cabin there. Alison fostered her love of life, her love of Hamlin Lake and the area, and gave countless hours to the HLPS as well as multiple other organizations. The Hamlin Lake Cabin, residing at White Pines Village, was one of her last works of love for this town and the inhabitants she soo dearly cherished and nourished.

Alison is survived by her husband Richard, daughter Lynn (Steve) Israel, sons Mark Puffer, Drew (Susie) Puffer, and grandchildren Hayley (Alex Bandin) Israel, Laura Israel, Russell Puffer, Audra Puffer and Alex Puffer.

A friend said, upon hearing of her passing, “We are so sad that the grand Lady of the Lake has left us.” She would have loved that tribute.

We shall all miss a wonderful, fun vivacious woman and dear friend. Smile and salute the sun as you traverse the Hamlin waters knowing Alison is looking down and waving!