Users of Hamlin Lake, whether a boater, a swimmer, or a visitor to the shoreline, need to be aware of basic boating and water safety practices.

Following these simple rules can make your day at Hamlin Lake more enjoyable:

1)         Check the weather before going to the lake, dress accordingly and keep an eye on the weather throughout the day as it can change very quickly.
2)         Check to make sure you boat, and all equipment on board is in good working condition. Also check fuel levels and be sure to vent your fuel compartment before starting.
3)         Always keep an eye on other members of your group, especially young children.
4)         Wear a properly fitting lifejacket (PFD). Young children should have them on anytime they are near the water. Adults should always wear them while boating.
5)         Do not consume alcohol and operate a boat.
6)         Know and follow the various State of Michigan Boating Laws.
7)         Become familiar with the lake! Hamlin Lake depths range from inches up to 80 ft deep. Many of the shallow areas have stumps and submerged logs that are difficult to see.
8)         In addition to the boat operator, designate someone to help watch for other boats. Hamlin Lake can be busy with several boats traveling in many different directions.
9)         Carry a first aid kit, flashlight, rain gear, and a container to bail water out of the boat.
10)       Know where to find help should you need it! There are several resorts, a State Park, a restaurant, and marinas on Hamlin Lake. You can also call 911 in cases of an emergency.

If you are planning to boat on Hamlin Lake, or any body of water, and have not already completed a Boater Safety course, you should consider taking one before you go.

For more information on Boating Regulations and Boater license information visit: