The Hamlin Lake Preservation Society continues to work with Mark Tonello, MDNR Fisheries Biologist for Hamlin Lake and the Big Sable River. In 2021 we provided funding for the purchase of a self-cleaning rearing tank for musky that are planted in Hamlin Lake and other lakes in Michigan. This tank is being put into service spring of 2022. This change of rearing methods may save significant costs in raising future musky.

We continue to support the Mason County Walleye Association who have contributed to the success of the Hamlin Lake Walleye Fishery.

We currently are exploring opportunities to preserve and enhance the natural shoreline of Hamlin Lake. Natural shorelines as opposed to armored shorelines have a significant benefit to the fishery of a lake.

We value input from fishermen who have ideas on improving the Hamlin Lake Fishery. Feel free to contact our sponsor, Wayne Andersen.