Fishery Task Force

Hamlin Lake Preservation Society continues to provide financial support for the Mason County Walleye Association. Since 1989 this organization has successfully transplanted 1.7 million walleye fingerlings in Hamlin Lake. Their total contribution to Northwest Michigan is over 5 million walleye fingerlings planted in multiple lakes.

Wayne Anderson

Fisheries Task Force Sponsor; Big Sable River Team


The Hamlin Lake Preservation Society continues to work with Mark Tonello, MDNR Fisheries Biologist for Hamlin Lake and the Big Sable River. In 2021 we provided funding for the purchase of a self-cleaning rearing tank for musky that are planted in Hamlin Lake and other...

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2019 Creel Update

Nick Arend (MDNR Fisheries Assistant) gave an updated 2019 report of the Creel Survey at this years annual dinner.  Click this link to view his 2019 Creel Update Report 2019 January - September Detailed Report:Site Name: Hamlin Lake Clerk Name: Nick Arend...

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Update To The Hamlin Lake Fish Stocking Progress

Mason County Walleye Association sent the following:We sincerely appreciate the $500 donation from the Hamlin Lake Preservation Society to the Mason County Walleye Association.  Your organization has been a long time supporter of our association and let me...

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Update to Hamlin Lake Fish Survey

The following donations in support of the creel survey  that MDNR pulled ahead by a few years are listed below:HLPS                                   $2,500Fin &Feather Club               $3,000 Hamlin Township                 $2,000Basically we had...

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Fishery Report

Fish populations in Hamlin Lake certainly seem to be lower than the long term average. This winter fishing activity on the lake was very low with fishermen reporting poor success. Fish populations fluctuate due to recreational fishing pressure and spawning success of...

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