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Hamlin Lake Preservation Society is a non-profit organization and is open to everyone.  You do not need to be a resident of the lake or even the area.  If you enjoy the beauty of Hamlin Lake and want to help support the long term health of the lake and its wildlife, please consider joining the Hamlin Lake Preservation Society today.  Membership is encouraged to all riparians of Hamlin Lake and all individuals who utilize the lake for recreational and sporting activities. Annual membership is a $20 fee due January 1 and includes 3 issues of the Currents Newsletter. We have an annual meeting /dinner banquet in June. Volunteerism is encouraged. Just click the form to download a membership form and sign up!

Our most recent membership numbers are:

Total Members 313
Riparian Members 261

2023 Goal: A committee will meet to make recommendations of a management / communication software for HLPS.  One of the software packages they will evaluate is “Wild Apricot” currently used by the Friends of LSP.  This software manages membership requests , donations, communication and an accurate directory of members.  The goal is to have the decision made by Jan 2023

with implementation in spring of 2023

Learn more about how our organization helps support Hamlin Lake and the surrounding land areas by watching the Friends of Ludington State Park Zoom video below…

Hamlin Lake Preservation Society
PO Box 178
Ludington, MI 49431