Sailing Committee


We aim to promote sailing on Hamlin Lake as an agreeable recreation opportunity for the entire family and to report on sailing activities on the lake, highlight types of sailboats suitable for Hamlin Lake, review rules of the road and boating etiquette, and just generally try and interest people in the sport. For something like 25 years now we have had a loosely organized sailboat racing program every Saturday afternoon. Racing days began on the closest Saturday to July 4 and continue until the Saturday just before Labor Day. When the wind gods are benevolent we met along the east shore of the lower lake, north of the middle bayou. The precise location is nearer the narrows for winds that tend southerly, and nearer Partridge Point for winds that tend northerly.

No races are currently held on the Lake.  If you are interested in starting the races again, please contact Ruth Crompton, HLPS VP and she’ll connect you with the “Right People!”

Hamlin Lake Preservation Society
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