Water Quality Task Force

Our task force activities include collecting samples of Hamlin Lake water for analysis. Water samples as well as stream and tributary flow data are collected to determine nutrient and sediment loading to the lake (Pounds per Day). Sample points are also selected in the upper and lower lakes for additional Total Phosphorus analysis. This data is valuable to us for identifying potential “hot spots” in the lake.

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Bruce Pelletier

Joe Muzzo

Latest News:

2022 Phosphorus initial sample

The Phosphorus results are higher than I would like to see this early in the year.  Maybe a carry-over from last year.  Not good starting out with numbers this high. More to come Reference Websites: Micorps.net/lake-monitoring/lake-training/...

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Free Nitrate and Nitrite Water Testing

Mason, Manistee and Lake Counties are offering free Nitrate and Nitrite Water Testing July 29th through July 31st.  Please clink on the links below for detailed information on how to get your water tested. Manson / Lake Counties Manistee County

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Spring 2019 Water Quality Tests

Below is a summary of the test results we received from Trace Analytical Laboratories in Muskegon, Michigan. They are the laboratory we selected to analyze our collected samples. It is interesting to note that Total Phosphorus concentrations for samples...

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Water Quality Update

Most of you are probably aware that HLPS has been a participant in the Cooperative Lakes Management Programs (CLMP) for almost 20 years. Through this program, volunteers take weekly water samples, dissolved oxygen readings and water transparency and temperature...

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